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The Lightning Dream by Fury -

Harness Minus by Prosperina -

Do You Want To Start A War by Fozzy -

Strangers in Paradise by Neonfly -

This is Rock N Roll II by The Quireboys -

Young Dogs, Old Tricks by The Texas Flood -

Man on the Run by Bush -

When the Crow Flies by Stonewire -

Quid Pro Quo by Maverick -

100% Pure Frankie Miller by Spike -

Pure Heavy by Audrey Horne -

The Hybrid by The Scintilla Project -

Raise the Dead Live From Wacken by Alice Cooper -

Face I Love by The Dead Daisies -

Live in Rome by The Steve Rothery Band -

The Lucid Dream(er) by Annisokay -

Eyes by The Rocket Dolls -

Waves Ahead of the Ocean by Rainbows Are Free -